Project presentation

Termsciences is a terminology portal developed by INIST in association with LORIA and ATILF. Its aim is to promote, pool and share the terminological resources (specialist vocabularies, dictionaries, thesaurus) of public sector research and further education establishment to thus create a common terminological reference resource. The aims of the project are to:

  • Offer an integrated vision of scientific terminology
  • Federate the work of skilled partners in the constitution and management of terminological resources
  • Offer a platform with tools and services for different communities such as researchers, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) community, etc.

As both producer and user of scientific terminology, INIST will play a coordination role in the project by organizing the work of a network made up of partners contributing to the creation and management of terminological contents and experts whose skills, experience and know-how will be put to the service of this project.

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